Sunday, 1 July 2012

Spain wins Euro 2012

Congratulations to Spain for winning the Euro 2012 championship. They did so in convincing fashion over runner up Italy. The score was 4-0 but the game only truly became out of reach when Italy lost Thiago Motta to jury after already using up their 3 subs. This is a move that Prandelli gambled on and it didn't pay off as the team needed to go on attack to try to score after going down 2-0 in the first half.

The second half saw 2 Spanish substitutes come on to score goals to put the game fully out of reach. Fernando Torres came on and scored to make it 3-0 and shortly after, Torres received another through ball where he made a clever nudge of the ball towards Juan Mata who scored into a wide open net with no chance of stopping it. The unselfish play of Torres showed just how smart of a striker he is and perhaps was worthy of more playing time in this tournament. He played half the games and was 1 goal shy of leading the tournament in goals.

Congratulations to Spain on their 2008, 2010 and 2012 titles which is a record that surely no other European team is going to be able to match. 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Spain vs Italy Euro 2012 Final Odds

Spain advance to the championship game for the 3rd straight major tournament while Italy make a return since 2006 when they won the World Cup.

Italy has an astonishing record against the Germans, now 8 games in international competitions where the Italians haven't lost including a shocker in the semi-final where the Germans were predicted as favourites but nobody told that to Mario Balotelli.

Balotelli single handedly took out the Germans out of the tournament with 2 world class goals in the first half leaving German fans in tears thinking they were the team to beat this year. Now the last game will go down to Italy and Spain. Historically Italy also has a lot of success over Spain but right now Spain are clearly the #1 team in the world and the Italians will even tell you that.

Odds for the championship game

Odds to lift the trophy

Spain 1.57
Italy 2.50

Correct Score

Spain 1-0   5.50
Spain 2-0   8.50
Spain 2-1   10.00
Italy 1-0    7.50
Italy 2-0    17.00
Italy 2-1    15.00

Monday, 25 June 2012

Germany vs Italy semifinal

Germany will take on Italy in the semifinals while the other game sees neighbours Portugal take on Spain.

Germany were the co-favourites to win along with Spain and it could lead to a final between the 2 European football powerhouses. With that in mind it could also be Portugal vs Italy in the final as the last 4 standing teams are all strong and all have an equal shot at winning the tournament.

Germany may be without the services of Bastian Schweinsteiger. He has an ankle problem which Samaras from Greece was more than happy to make worse. The German coach Loew is also upset that someone within the German camp is leaking out information about the starting lineups hours before the match. This is probably some useful information that someone is getting paid to leak. Germany didn't start striker Mario Gomez in the last game but came on as a late substitute most likely to rest the player and only put him on when needed. He will probably be starting and so could Miroslav Klose.

Italy meanwhile has taken out England and ended their fans hopes and dreams of winning a title with their last coming nearly 50 years ago. Italy are not normally known for their strikers but this tournament they seem to have a good mix of them featuring Mario Balotelli, Antonio Cassano and Antonio Di Natale. The rest of the team has been playing well and with Buffon in net this team is tough to beat whether they play defensive or plan to release a counter attack on teams by pulling in the players closer.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Spain vs France Correct score odds at Bet365 & Tips

Spain vs France Odds & Matchup

Spain won their last game but just barely by scoring a single goal and avoiding a potential disaster. They finished their group in first place by knocking out Croatia. Since England won their last game and France were embarassed 2-0 by Sweden it sets up this matchup of Spain vs France instead of a showdown with England. It was probable that Spain may have preferred to play an underexposed English squad that was lucky to have beaten Ukraine and didn't look sharp. Rooney did score a goal but a lucky bounce deserved the credit which saw him with a wide open net to head it in. No doubt he is a great player but that's for Italy to handle.

France did lose their first competitive match in 15 games which was a strong record and expect them to want to show how good of a team they really are. Right now Spain are top of the FIFA world rankings and everyone wants to take a swipe at them to have short term bragging rights. However this game isn't short term and it is for a chance in the semifinals and a France win would send their confidence soaring and make them legitimate contenders to be champion and let the young players cement their identity as one of the greatest French teams.

Betting Tip: Bet on France!

Odds to win the game

Spain  1.80
Draw  3.50
France  5.00

Spain realistically have a 50% to 60% chance of winning this game and if that is the case, a 5x payout to bet on France is a great value bet worth the chance. France have great pace and probably as strong of a midfield as Spain with Franck Ribery & Samir Nasri lining up against Xavi and Andres Iniesta. Striking advantage goes to France with Karim Benzema against numerous strikers in Fernando Torres, Pedro and Llorente but they all can't play at the same time. Spain haven't had a good tournament and some think coach Del Bosque isn't playing the team to their full potential and leaving them open to counter attacks. Croatia had a close game with Spain and so did Italy. France will take notes from those 2 games and use it as a strategy to play them.

Correct score Odds

Spain 1-0  5.50
Spain 2-0  7.00
Spain 2-1  9.00
Spain 3-1  17.00
Spain 3-0  15.00
draw 0-0  8.00
draw 1-1  6.50
France 1-0  9.50
France 2-0  21.00
France 2-1  17.00
France 3-1  41.00

England vs Italy Odds Quarterfinals

England vs Italy in quarterfinals on the weekend.

England's chances to win

England won their game against Ukraine but you could say barely. They got a lucky bounce on Wayne Rooney's goal and Ukraine scored a goal where the ball cross the line but the linesman both didn't call it a goal where video replay clearly showed the ball crossing the line. That goal could have gave Ukraine momentum to score another. Despite that England are still a decent squad and it's tough to say how they will fare against Italy.

The Italians had to squeak by Croatia to qualify and they now get a tough team in England but it could have easily been France and facing England is probably a preferred matchup on a side that has to rely on Wayne Rooney and has questionable players in the line up.

Odds at Bet365 Sportsbook

England 2.87
draw 3.10
Italy 2.70

Correct Score Odds

England 1-0  6.50
England 2-0  12.00
England 2-1  11.00
Draw 0-0  6.50
Draw 1-1  6.00
Italy 1-0  6.50
Italy 2-0  11.00
Italy 2-1 11.00

Rooney will most likely start and it is unknown if Mario Balotelli will be starting or put in the position like last time coming off the bench. He is a dynamic striker with a great skill set and capable of scoring goals from a distance.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Odds for Germany, Russia, Spain

There are 3 teams that are starting to emerge as dominant ones in this tournament so far and one surprise team is Russia while another team not on this list includes Netherlands. Germany, Spain and Russia are currently walking away with their groups and look to be the 3 group winners out of 4 where the 4th features 4 strong teams: England, France, Ukraine and Sweden.

Germany 3.75

Germany have 2 wins and look like they'll keep the momentum going. Mario Gomez has 3 goals in 2 games and looks to be in fine form

Spain 3.40

Spain are looking good but still must beat Croatia to stamp their mark on their group to advance. A loss puts them at risk of not qualifying for the quarterfinals so this is a risky bet however they are still on paper the favourites to win the tournament. Fernando Torres is getting more play time and he has put together a brace in the last game.

Russia 13.00

Russia probably haven't played their best football yet but to win the tournament probably are the best value to pick. Spain could still fail to qualify and this is probably the riskiest best out of the 3 with Russia being the possible highest value in terms of odds versus payout. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Euro 2012 Forums

We found a great resource at which has coverage of the Euro 2012 featuring matchups, schedules and odds on upcoming matches.

Superbetting also has a tipsters section but it is a tad out of date but they are starting to cover all the games for Euro 2012 and providing interesting odds that some of the sportsbooks had. For example you can bet on exact scores and get different payouts if your guesses are correct which is usually a payout of 10 times your bet amount. You can also bet on man of the match, on red cards, number of corners and sometimes even the coin toss. There is also livebetting at Bet365 where as the game is happening, the odds are updating in real time so even if the game is 5 minutes old, you can still bet on the match like which team is going to win.


Poland against Russia June 12

Greece against Czech Republic June 12

Netherlands against Germany June 13

Denmark against Portugal June 13

Germany are still the favourites but one game can change everything. 

Russia vs Poland Bet365 Betting Odds

Russia takes a strong team against Poland that will be without their main goal keeper after he got a red card in his previous game. Russia produced an array of scoring chances in thrashing Czech Republic 4-1. Poland meanwhile comes into this game as one of the 2 hosts and appeared to be on their way to victory over Greece but the 10 man Greece team equalized and even had a chance to take the lead late into the game but Karagounis couldn't convert a penalty kick.

Neither team can afford to lose. Poland will be relying heavily on Robert Lewandowski while Russia will look towards both Andrey Arshavin and Alan Dzagoev.

Match Odds Bet365

Poland 3.10
Draw 3.25
Russia 2.40

Bet on the correct score

Poland 1-0     8.50
Poland 2-1   11.00
Draw 0-0       9.00
Draw 1-1       6.00
Draw 2-2     15.00
Russia 1-0      7.50
Russia 2-0    11.00
Russia 2-1      9.50
Russia 3-1    21.00

Man of the Match Odds

Andrey Arshavin 5.00
Robert Lewandowski 5.50
Alan Dzagoev 7.00
Roman Pavlyuchenko 9.00

Monday, 11 June 2012

Ukraine likely to advance from Group D

Ukraine have beaten a tough Swedish team with a score of 2-1 with clinical finishing of Andriy Shevchenko. The Ukrainian captain scored shortly after the Swedish captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored.

Shevchenko was clearly the man of the match and delighted the home crowd with 2 brilliant header strikes that left team Sweden stunned and are now 1 loss away from a quick exit at the Euro 2012. The 2 strikes also puts Shevchenko the top goalscorer in the tournament at 2 goals with games remaining against France and England in group D.

France and England tied 1:1 earlier in the day which means nothing is close to being settled yet. Ukraine were underdogs in this tournament and the odds for Ukraine to advance were not so great, Shevchenko was also a huge payout for the most goals scored in the tournament and also the UEFA player of the tournament. Right now his performance is the best in the tournament so far which is just getting started.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Russia, Czech, Greece, Poland opening matches

Russia takes on Czech Republic while Poland opens their campaign against Greece.

Russia vs Czech Republic Odds

We are awaiting news if Milan Baros will be fit to play the opening match. There has been no word on his injury status which suggests he might not be fit to play this crucial first game. If that is the case then Russia will have an advantage and should be able to relay this into a spot in the quarter finals.

Here are the odds for the first game between these clubs:

Russia 6/5
Draw 11/5
Czech Republic 5/2

This game could easily finish 1-0 or 2-0 Russia. 1-0 score has odds of 9/2 and 2-0 is 8/1 odds and 2-1 with odds of 9/1. You can be on half time and full time correct scores, double chance, also bet on goals, half, 10 minutes, specials, player bets and cards.

Poland vs Greece

These teams are weak on paper but Poland will probably have an edge with them from the crowd and it is quite possible they will get favourable calls from the referee. You at least know that bad calls won't be made against Poland.

Poland 1/1
Draw 11/5
Greece 16/5

Score of 1-0 for Poland has odds of 4/1, 0-0 draw is 5/1 odds and 1-0 for Greece is 7/1 odds.

Picks for the day are for both Russia and Poland to win.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Euro 2012 Betting Tips

Latest Euro 2012 Betting Tips

We have compiled our latest betting tips for the Euro 2012. These tips are a combination of statistical analysis, odds comparisons between sportsbooks as well as taking advantage of bonuses and promotions to get the maximum value for your money.

Quick Tips:
  • Germany to win 3/1
  • Spain to win 11/4
  • Holland to win 13/2
  • Mario Gomez top goal scorer 7/1
  • Robin Van Persie top goal scorer 9/1
  • Fernando Llorente top goal scorer 14/1
  • Highest Scoring Team GERMANY 11/4

Top Sportsbooks & Bonuses

This list is the latest and best contests and Euro 2012 bonuses for players. If you are going to place a bet, take advantage of one of the many offers.

The Euro 2012 has some interesting story lines going into the tournament. England are not considered strong favourites after a rocky season and losing their main coach and key players going into the tournament. They are the wildcard team but who knows if the players can handle the pressure they face in every tournament. Spain are perhaps overrated this time around. Sure they have some of the best players in the world but they relied heavily on striker David Villa in 2008 and 2010 and won't have his services OR Carles Puyol. If they lose this tournament, people will point to lack of goal scoring. Italy have a cloud hanging over their head with yet another match fixing scandal to hit Italian teams and players.

You can expect a whole lot of nothing from France other than uninspired play. They have Benzema and Ribery but after that their team lacks identity. Portugual struggled to get into the tournament and expect them to go out just as easily with Cristiano Ronaldo leading the way. If he plays anything like in 2010, expect them to be early exists. The Dutch are a strong team and should be considered favourites. Perhaps the strongest team in the tournament that people are not talking about as much is Germany. They are by far the most complete team in the tournament and expect them to intimidate opponents into making mistakes and capitalizing with precision.

Top Goal Scorer Betting Tips

The top goal scorer is a tricky one to pick. The team that makes it to the final usually has a strong chance of having a top goal scorer. That said from the list of bet365 top goal scorers here are ones you should take note of:
  • Mario Gomez (Germany) 7/1
  • Robin Van Persie (Holland) 9/1
  • Miroslav Klose (Germany) 14/1
  • Fernando Llorente (Spain) 14/1

Not included in our list is Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Karime Benzema (France) and Fernando Torres (Spain). These last 3 either won't make it long into the tournament or Torres specifically won't find his goal scoring touch and lead the way for players like Llorente and Pedro as being the strikers the team can rely on the most.

Another bad bet is Wayne Rooney. He will be out the first 2 games of the tournament and there is no way that he can be top goal scorer and it also hurts England's chances of making it to the knockout stages of the tournament.

Win Euro 2012 Betting Tips

The teams with the best chances of winning are Spain, Germany and Holland (Netherlands). After that any team you pick is gambling since the odds are ordinary and rightfully so. England are currently 14/1 odds along with Italy, Portugal is 18/1 and France is 10/1 where it makes no sense for anybody to pick this team to do anything. England are a bad bet as well because they don't have Wayne Rooney for the first 2 games!

The odds are changing quickly and as every match happens they will constantly be adjusted.

Complete list of bets at Bet365 for Euro 2012

Bet365 is a sportsbook that takes players from nearly worldwide including Canada, UK, Europe and Asia. No US players accepted at this time.
  • To Win Outright
  • Top Goalscorer
  • Finalists
  • Winner and Top Goalscorer
  • Outright Forecast
  • State of Elimination
  • To Reach Final
  • To reach Semi-Final
  • Highest Scoring Team
  • lowest Scoring Team
  • Winners Group
  • All games matchups

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Germany favourite to win Euro 2012 & Betting Odds

Read why Germany is the true favourite to win the Euro 2012 and get the latest Betting Odds

Odds Germany to win Euro 2012:  4.00

Germany is always a strong team and in the Euro 2008 they fielded a team that made it to the finals and lost by a goal. In the 2010 World Cup that team made it to the semi finals and finished 3rd and was considered a young and inexperienced team. Yet they still dominated teams like England and Argentina scoring 8 goals combined.

Also worth noting that Spain is the favourite and many teams don't always repeat their success despite Spain being 2008 & 2010 champions but they are missing the goal scoring they relied on in both tournaments from David Villa and one of their experienced defence won't be there in Carles Puyol. The top 7 teams based on odds look like this:

Bet365 Odds to win Euro 2012
Spain 3.75
Germany 4.00
Holland 7.5
France 11
England 12
Italy 15
Portugal 19

Germany are more experienced and they have great players in all positions including goalkeeper, defence, midfielders and strikers. Lets look at how strong their team is:

Miroslav Klose
Mario Gomez
Lukas Podolski
Thomas Mueller
Bastian Schweinsteiger
Phillip Lahm
Mesut Ozil
Per Mertesacker
Manuel Neuer

Gomez had a fantastic year and having 3 proven goal scorers up front makes Germany a team that can not only beat anyone but in convincing fashion. Mesut Ozil is a goal scorer and playmaker who can either draw in defenders or put them completely out of position with strategy or with a clever pass. Fans are in awe of Spain's midfield but Germany's is just as strong but they have the best attack than any other team.

Other articles of interest:

Wayne Rooney odds Euro 2012
Odds for top goal scorer Euro 2012

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Odds Wayne Rooney Euro 2012

What are the latest betting odds for Wayne Rooney at the Euro 2012 tournament?

Wayne Rooney Top goal scorer odds: 41

Surprisingly enough Wayne Rooney whom has played strong the past 2 seasons after a disastrous World Cup campaign where he was shut down. The striker we will see playing for England will be different.

Bet365 Sportsbook has odds for Wayne Rooney currently at 41 to 1 to be the top goal scorer. Ahead of him includes a list of strikers like Mario Gomez (Germany), Van Persie (Netherlands), Ronaldo (Portugual), Benzema (France) and Torres (Spain). These odds are nearly disrespectful to team England and Wayne Rooney himself. Clearly this is a huge opportunity to pick a player who has a realistic chance of scoring more than once at this tournament and being one of the leaders. 


England actually might do better at this tournament. Normally they are favourites going into any tournament but this time around they are considered more of an underdog. With less pressure to win this team actually might be able to crack through and do something England hasn't done in a very very long time. 

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Mobile Betting Euro 2012 Goals Galore with BetFred

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Betting Odds Spain Euro 2012

Spain are defending Euro and World champions and we have the latest betting odds for Spain to win the Euro 2012

Spain are now a powerhouse in the world of football. In the Euro 2008 nobody thought Spain could overcome the troubles that kept them exiting from tournament after tournament. They were always considered a strong team but always not good enough compared to Italy, France, Germany or England. Yet they beat Germany in the Euro 2008 and also won the 2010 world cup against the Netherlands.

So what are the odds of Spain winning the tournament? Here are all the latest odds and betting options for Spain in Euro 2012.

Betting Odds for Spain Euro 2012
Top Goal Scorer Fernando Torres15Tournament Winner: 3.753.75Top Goal Scorer Fernando Torres15
Top Goal Scorer Roberto Soldado19To reach final: 2.252.25Top Goal Scorer Roberto Soldado19
Top Goal Scorer Cesc Fabregas34Highest Scoring Team: 3.253.25Top Goal Scorer Cesc Fabregas34

Betting Odds for Euro 2012 tournament winner
Czech Republic67Denmark81

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Best Fan Reactions Champions League & Premier League

Best Fan Reactions Manchester United & Manchester City

Probably the most exciting finish to any season in the English Premier League. Manchester United had a large gap with games remaining. The last game of the season Manchester United needed to win their game while to win the title, they needed Manchester City to tie or lose. Heading into the 90th minute with the game 2-1 for Queens Park Rangers, 5 minutes of extra time was awarded and this meant City needed to score twice to win the title. What happened was truly shocking as Manchester United fans were heartbroken and City fans in ecstasy with a miraculous come back. As entertaining as the goals are, the fan reactions are priceless.

Best Fan Reactions Chelsea FC vs Bayern Munich Champions League Final

Chelsea Fans had their head down for most of the season including Didier Drogba. AVB was a disaster just like the team yet when Di Matteo took over as coach, the Chelsea players started to put on a bit of a win streak in all competitions: Champions League, Premier League and the FA cup. Having already won the FA cup and finishing a disappointing 6th place in the EPL. Chelsea overcame the strongest team in Barcelona FC to make it to the final. Going against Bayern Munich which fielded a strong team of players including Mario Gomez, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery. Chelsea had Drogba on their team who is well known for scoring big goals when the occasion is bigger.

In the 83rd minute, Thomas Muller scored a header to put Bayern ahead and looking for a win. However in the 88th minute Drogba unleashed a powerful header from a corner kick which he scored even while being pushed from behind. It sent the game into overtime and gave the momentum back to Chelsea. In extra time Drogba fouled Ribery in the box and Arjen Robben had his penalty shot stopped by Petr Cech. That put the game into penalties where Bayern had the lead but lost it. Schweinsteiger hit the post which gave the last shot to Drogba where a goal would win the game. Watch the reaction of fans including Spurs fans that were ruthlessly removed from Champions League in the process.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Chelsea Bayern Munich Odds Champions League Final

The Champions League final will be played by 2 exciting football clubs: Chelsea FC and Bayern Munich. Expect both teams to look to score and this won't be a defensive game in any context.

On the biggest football game of the club season, the number of items you can bet on is extensive.

Chelsea FC have had the rockiest season and look to be missing out in Champions League next season unless they can win the tournament as they finished 6th in the EPL this year. Their team struggled under Andre Villas-Boas and after Roberto di Matteo took over, the team has been on fire. Their success over strong teams this year with the new coach in place says this is the team they should have been at the start of the season. It seems that striker Didier Drogba will start the game as he plays well in big games and has finals experience, this would be over Fernando Torres whom might come on later in the game.

Bayern Munich have a strong team and players that will be expected to propel the team forward are Franck Ribery, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Arjen Robben and striker Mario Gomez who has scored an incredible 12 goals in the Champions League this season and only 2 behind Lionel Messi.

Here are the latest odds from Betfred sportsbook. Get a $50 free bet on the match!
  Betfred Football
Bayern Munich v Chelsea
Match Betting Hide
Match Betting
If your player scores the first goal of the match and then scores another, Fred will double your first goalscorer price. If your player then goes on to score a hat-trick, Fred will treble your goalscorer price.
Bayern Munich4/5
To Lift The Trophy Hide
To Lift The Trophy
Bayern Munich4/9
How Will The Game Be Won Hide
How Will The Game Be Won
Bayern Munich - Extra-Time15/2
Bayern Munich - Penalties11/1
Chelsea - Extra-Time14/1
Chelsea - Penalties12/1
Match Handicap Hide
Match Handicap
Bayern Munich-115/8
Match Handicap 2 Hide
Match Handicap 2
Bayern Munich+11/5
Match Handicap 3 Hide
Match Handicap 3
Bayern Munich-211/2
Correct Score Hide
Correct Score
Home Win
Bayern Munich 1-09/2
Bayern Munich 2-013/2
Bayern Munich 2-17/1
Bayern Munich 3-012/1
Bayern Munich 3-111/1
Bayern Munich 3-225/1
Bayern Munich 4-033/1
Bayern Munich 4-128/1
Bayern Munich 4-250/1
Bayern Munich 4-3100/1
Bayern Munich 5-080/1
Bayern Munich 5-180/1
Bayern Munich 5-2100/1
Bayern Munich 6-0150/1
Bayern Munich 6-1125/1
Bayern Munich 7-0200/1
Bayern Munich 7-1200/1
Bayern Munich 8-0200/1
Bayern Munich 9-0200/1
Bayern Munich 10-0200/1
Away Win
Chelsea 1-07/1
Chelsea 2-016/1
Chelsea 2-114/1
Chelsea 3-050/1
Chelsea 3-150/1
Chelsea 3-250/1
Chelsea 4-0150/1
Chelsea 4-1125/1
Chelsea 4-2125/1
Chelsea 4-3150/1
Chelsea 5-0200/1
Chelsea 5-1200/1
Chelsea 5-2200/1
Chelsea 6-0200/1
Chelsea 6-1200/1
Chelsea 7-0200/1
Chelsea 7-1200/1
Chelsea 8-0200/1
Chelsea 9-0200/1
Chelsea 10-0200/1
Match to Draw
Draw 0-07/1
Draw 1-16/1
Draw 2-216/1
Draw 3-366/1
Double Result Hide
Double Result
Bayern Munich - Bayern Munich7/4
Bayern Munich - Draw16/1
Bayern Munich - Chelsea28/1
Draw - Bayern Munich10/3
Draw - Draw5/1
Draw - Chelsea15/2
Chelsea - Bayern Munich25/1
Chelsea - Draw12/1
Chelsea - Chelsea7/1
H/T Betting Hide
H/T Betting
Bayern Munich6/4
First Goalscorer Hide
First Goalscorer
If your selection does not start and has not come on when the first goal is scored, the selection is void
Gomez, Mario4/1
Robben, Arjen5/1
Olic, Ivica6/1
Petersen, Nils7/1
Ribery, Franck7/1
Muller, Thomas8/1
Schweinsteiger, Sebastian10/1
Kroos, Toni12/1
Usami, Takashi16/1
Can, Emre20/1
Van Buyten, Daniel20/1
Tymoschuk, Anatoliy20/1
Pranjic, Danijel20/1
Muller, Bastian20/1
Contento, Diego25/1
Lahm, Philip25/1
Koz, Cuneyt33/1
Boateng, Jerome40/1
Drogba, Didier7/1
Torres, Fernando8/1
Lampard, Frank10/1
Mata, Juan11/1
Sturridge, Daniel12/1
Kalou, Salomon12/1
Malouda, Florent16/1
Essien, Michael20/1
Cahill, Gary25/1
Luiz, David33/1
Chalobah, Nathaniel33/1
Romeu, Oriol40/1
Cole, Ashley40/1
Mikel, Jon Obi40/1
Bosingwa, Jose50/1
Bertrand, Ryan66/1
Ferreira, Paulo66/1
No Goalscorer13/2
Last Goalscorer Hide
Last Goalscorer
Gomez, Mario4/1
Robben, Arjen5/1
Lahm, Philip5/1
Olic, Ivica6/1
Petersen, Nils7/1
Ribery, Franck7/1
Muller, Thomas8/1
Schweinsteiger, Sebastian10/1
Kroos, Toni12/1
Usami, Takashi16/1
Pranjic, Danijel20/1
Tymoschuk, Anatoliy20/1
Can, Emre20/1
Muller, Bastian20/1
Van Buyten, Daniel20/1
Contento, Diego25/1
Koz, Cuneyt33/1
Boateng, Jerome40/1
Drogba, Didier7/1
Torres, Fernando8/1
Lampard, Frank10/1
Mata, Juan11/1
Sturridge, Daniel12/1
Kalou, Salomon12/1
Malouda, Florent16/1
Essien, Michael20/1
Cahill, Gary25/1
Chalobah, Nathaniel33/1
Luiz, David33/1
Romeu, Oriol40/1
Mikel, Jon Obi40/1
Cole, Ashley40/1
Bosingwa, Jose50/1
Bertrand, Ryan66/1
Ferreira, Paulo66/1
No Goalscorer13/2
Score Anytime Hide
Score Anytime
Gomez, Mario11/10
Robben, Arjen11/8
Olic, Ivica13/8
Petersen, Nils15/8
Ribery, Franck15/8
Muller, Thomas9/4
Schweinsteiger, Sebastian11/4
Kroos, Toni10/3
Usami, Takashi9/2
Can, Emre11/2
Van Buyten, Daniel11/2
Tymoschuk, Anatoliy11/2
Pranjic, Danijel11/2
Muller, Bastian11/2
Contento, Diego13/2
Lahm, Philip13/2
Koz, Cuneyt10/1
Boateng, Jerome14/1
Drogba, Didier15/8
Torres, Fernando9/4
Lampard, Frank11/4
Mata, Juan3/1
Kalou, Salomon10/3
Sturridge, Daniel10/3
Malouda, Florent9/2
Essien, Michael11/2
Cahill, Gary13/2
Luiz, David10/1
Chalobah, Nathaniel10/1
Romeu, Oriol14/1
Cole, Ashley14/1
Mikel, Jon Obi14/1
Bosingwa, Jose18/1
Bertrand, Ryan20/1
Ferreira, Paulo20/1
Player to Score 2 or More Goals Hide
Player to Score 2 or More Goals
Gomez, Mario6/1
Robben, Arjen15/2
Olic, Ivica9/1
Petersen, Nils10/1
Ribery, Franck10/1
Drogba, Didier10/1
Muller, Thomas14/1
Torres, Fernando14/1
Schweinsteiger, Sebastian20/1
Lampard, Frank20/1
Mata, Juan22/1
Kroos, Toni25/1
Kalou, Salomon25/1
Sturridge, Daniel25/1
Usami, Takashi33/1
Malouda, Florent33/1
Can, Emre50/1
Essien, Michael50/1
Van Buyten, Daniel50/1
Tymoschuk, Anatoliy50/1
Pranjic, Danijel50/1
Muller, Bastian50/1
Contento, Diego66/1
Lahm, Philip66/1
Cahill, Gary66/1
Koz, Cuneyt80/1
Luiz, David80/1
Chalobah, Nathaniel80/1
Boateng, Jerome100/1
Romeu, Oriol100/1
Cole, Ashley100/1
Mikel, Jon Obi100/1
Bosingwa, Jose125/1
Bertrand, Ryan150/1
Ferreira, Paulo150/1
Score A Hat-trick Hide
Score A Hat-trick
Gomez, Mario25/1
Robben, Arjen33/1
Olic, Ivica40/1
Petersen, Nils50/1
Ribery, Franck50/1
Drogba, Didier50/1
Muller, Thomas66/1
Torres, Fernando66/1
Schweinsteiger, Sebastian100/1
Lampard, Frank100/1
Kroos, Toni125/1
Kalou, Salomon125/1
Mata, Juan125/1
Sturridge, Daniel125/1
Usami, Takashi200/1
Malouda, Florent200/1
Wincast Hide
Player to score anytime and their team to win. Bets are void if player takes no part in the match
Gomez, Mario9/4
Robben, Arjen3/1
Olic, Ivica7/2
Petersen, Nils4/1
Ribery, Franck4/1
Muller, Thomas9/2
Schweinsteiger, Sebastian11/2
Kroos, Toni13/2
No Goalscorer13/2
Drogba, Didier8/1
Usami, Takashi17/2
Can, Emre10/1
Muller, Bastian10/1
Van Buyten, Daniel10/1
Tymoschuk, Anatoliy10/1
Torres, Fernando10/1
Pranjic, Danijel10/1
Contento, Diego12/1
Lampard, Frank12/1
Lahm, Philip12/1
Kalou, Salomon14/1
Mata, Juan14/1
Sturridge, Daniel14/1
Koz, Cuneyt16/1
Malouda, Florent18/1
Boateng, Jerome22/1
Essien, Michael22/1
Cahill, Gary25/1
Chalobah, Nathaniel40/1
Luiz, David40/1
Cole, Ashley45/1
Romeu, Oriol45/1
Mikel, Jon Obi45/1
Bosingwa, Jose50/1
Bertrand, Ryan66/1
Ferreira, Paulo66/1
Under/Over 1.5 Hide
Under/Over 1.5
Under 1.55/2
Over 1.52/7
Under/Over 2.5 Hide
Under/Over 2.5
Under 2.54/5
Over 2.510/11
Under/Over 3.5 Hide
Under/Over 3.5
Under 3.51/3
Over 3.59/4
Under/Over 4.5 Hide
Under/Over 4.5
Under 4.51/10
Over 4.511/2
Bayern Munich Total Goals Hide
Bayern Munich Total Goals
Bayern Munich 1+1/8
Bayern Munich 2+4/5
Bayern Munich 3+5/2
Bayern Munich 4+8/1
Bayern Munich 5+25/1
Chelsea Total Goals Hide
Chelsea Total Goals
Chelsea 1+8/15
Chelsea 2+3/1
Chelsea 3+12/1
Chelsea 4+50/1
Chelsea 5+150/1
1st Half Under/Over 0.5 Hide
1st Half Under/Over 0.5
Under 0.57/4
Over 0.52/5
1st Half Under/Over 1.5 Hide
1st Half Under/Over 1.5
Under 1.52/5
Over 1.57/4
Odd or Even Total Hide
Odd or Even Total
Both Teams To Score Hide
Both Teams To Score
Draw No Bet Hide
Draw No Bet
Bayern Munich1/3
Double Chance Hide
Double Chance
Bayern Munich Or Chelsea1/4
Bayern Munich Or Draw1/5
Chelsea Or DrawEVS
1st Half Correct Score Hide
1st Half Correct Score
Home Win
Bayern Munich 1-013/5
Bayern Munich 2-08/1
Bayern Munich 2-116/1
Bayern Munich 3-028/1
Bayern Munich 3-150/1
Bayern Munich 3-2100/1
Bayern Munich 4-080/1
Away Win
Chelsea 1-05/1
Chelsea 2-020/1
Chelsea 2-125/1
Chelsea 3-080/1
Chelsea 3-180/1
Match to Draw
Draw 0-07/4
Draw 1-113/2
Draw 2-250/1
Clean Sheet Hide
Clean Sheet
Bayern Munich5/4
Score 1st Goal Hide
Score 1st Goal
Bayern Munich8/13
No Goal13/2
Which Half Most Goals Hide
Which Half Most Goals
1st Half2/1
2nd HalfEVS
Total Goals Hide
Total Goals
0-1 Goal5/2
2-3 Goals10/11
4+ Goals9/4
Odd or Even Corners Hide
Odd or Even Corners
Win To Nil Hide
Win To Nil
Bayern Munich7/4
Score A Penalty Hide
Score A Penalty
Bayern Munich5/1
Score In Both Halves Hide
Score In Both Halves
Bayern Munich7/4
Win Both Halves Hide
Win Both Halves
Bayern Munich4/1
Win From Behind Hide
Win From Behind
Bayern Munich7/1
Win Either Half Hide
Win Either Half
Bayern Munich4/11
2nd Half Result Hide
2nd Half Result
Bayern Munich11/10
Asian Match Handicap Hide
Asian Match Handicap
Bayern Munich-0.7521/20
Bayern To Score 2 Or More And Keep A Clean Sheet Hide
Bayern To Score 2 Or More And Keep A Clean Sheet
Bayern To Score 2 Or More And Keep A Clean Sheet7/2
Chelsea to score 1st and Bayern to lift the trophy Hide
Chelsea to score 1st and Bayern to lift the trophy
Chelsea To Score 1st And Bayern To Lift The Trophy4/1
Drogba To Score 1st And Gomez To Score Last Hide
Drogba To Score 1st And Gomez To Score Last
Drogba To Score 1st And Gomez To Score Last40/1
Gomez To Score 1st And Drogba To Score Last Hide
Gomez To Score 1st And Drogba To Score Last
Gomez To Score 1st And Drogba To Score Last40/1
1st Player Carded Hide
1st Player Carded
Boateng, Jerome10/1
Tymoschuk, Anatoliy12/1
Ribery, Franck12/1
Contento, Diego14/1
Koz, Cuneyt14/1
Lahm, Philip14/1
Van Buyten, Daniel16/1
Schweinsteiger, Sebastian16/1
Pranjic, Danijel16/1
Can, Emre16/1
Kroos, Toni16/1
Muller, Thomas20/1
Usami, Takashi20/1
Robben, Arjen20/1
Petersen, Nils25/1
Olic, Ivica25/1
Gomez, Mario25/1
Neuer, Manuel40/1
Luiz, David7/1
Bosingwa, Jose8/1
Cole, Ashley9/1
Mikel, Jon Obi10/1
Ferreira, Paulo11/1
Cahill, Gary12/1
Romeu, Oriol12/1
Essien, Michael14/1
Bertrand, Ryan16/1
Lampard, Frank16/1
Drogba, Didier16/1
Torres, Fernando20/1
Chalobah, Nathaniel25/1
Sturridge, Daniel25/1
Mata, Juan25/1
Kalou, Salomon25/1
Malouda, Florent25/1
Cech, Petr40/1
1st Bayern Munich Goalscorer Hide
1st Bayern Munich Goalscorer
Gomez, Mario11/4
No Goal3/1
Robben, Arjen7/2
Petersen, Nils5/1
Ribery, Franck5/1
Muller, Thomas6/1
Olic, Ivica6/1
Schweinsteiger, Sebastian7/1
Kroos, Toni9/1
Usami, Takashi11/1
Can, Emre14/1
Van Buyten, Daniel14/1
Tymoschuk, Anatoliy14/1
Pranjic, Danijel14/1
Muller, Bastian14/1
Contento, Diego18/1
Lahm, Philip18/1
Koz, Cuneyt25/1
Boateng, Jerome28/1
1st Chelsea Goalscorer Hide
1st Chelsea Goalscorer
No Goal5/4
Drogba, Didier5/1
Torres, Fernando6/1
Lampard, Frank7/1
Mata, Juan8/1
Kalou, Salomon9/1
Sturridge, Daniel9/1
Malouda, Florent11/1
Essien, Michael14/1
Cahill, Gary18/1
Chalobah, Nathaniel25/1
Luiz, David25/1
Cole, Ashley28/1
Mikel, Jon Obi28/1
Romeu, Oriol28/1
Bosingwa, Jose35/1
Bertrand, Ryan45/1
Ferreira, Paulo45/1
Bayern Munich Winning Margin Hide
Bayern Munich Winning Margin
Bayern Munich To Win By 1 Goal12/5
Bayern Munich To Win By 2 Goals4/1
Bayern Munich To Win By 3 Goals8/1
Bayern Munich To Win By 4 Goals18/1
Chelsea Winning Margin Hide
Chelsea Winning Margin
Chelsea To Win By 1 Goals9/2
Chelsea To Win By 2 Goals11/1
Chelsea To Win By 3 Goals33/1
Chelsea To Win By 4 Goals66/1
First Bayern Munich Goal Time Hide
First Bayern Munich Goal Time
No Goals3/1
First Goal Time Hide
First Goal Time
0-10 Minutes10/3
11-20 Minutes4/1
21-30 Minutes5/1
31-40 Minutes13/2
41-50 Minutes7/1
51-60 Minutes10/1
61-70 Minutes12/1
71-80 Minutes16/1
81 Or Later16/1
No Goals13/2
First Chelsea Goal Time Hide
First Chelsea Goal Time
No Goals5/4
Striker Match Bet Hide
Striker Match Bet
Mario Gomez7/4
Didier Drogba4/1
To Be Yellow Carded Hide
To Be Yellow Carded
Luiz, David5/4
Bosingwa, Jose11/8
Cole, Ashley11/8
Mikel, Jon Obi6/4
Boateng, Jerome7/4
Cahill, Gary2/1
Ferreira, Paulo2/1
Essien, Michael9/4
Romeu, Oriol9/4
Tymoschuk, Anatoliy9/4
Contento, Diego5/2
Ribery, Franck5/2
Lahm, Philip5/2
Koz, Cuneyt5/2
Bertrand, Ryan3/1
Van Buyten, Daniel3/1
Schweinsteiger, Sebastian3/1
Pranjic, Danijel3/1
Lampard, Frank3/1
Can, Emre3/1
Kroos, Toni3/1
Drogba, Didier3/1
Chalobah, Nathaniel4/1
Muller, Thomas4/1
Torres, Fernando4/1
Usami, Takashi4/1
Robben, Arjen4/1
Gomez, Mario5/1
Petersen, Nils5/1
Sturridge, Daniel5/1
Olic, Ivica5/1
Kalou, Salomon5/1
Malouda, Florent5/1
Mata, Juan5/1
Cech, Petr8/1
Neuer, Manuel8/1
No Cards16/1
To Be Sent Off Hide
To Be Sent Off
Boateng, Jerome14/1
Luiz, David14/1
Bosingwa, Jose16/1
Cole, Ashley16/1
Essien, Michael16/1
Mikel, Jon Obi16/1
Cahill, Gary20/1
Cech, Petr20/1
Ferreira, Paulo20/1
Drogba, Didier20/1
Koz, Cuneyt20/1
Van Buyten, Daniel20/1
Tymoschuk, Anatoliy20/1
Ribery, Franck20/1
Romeu, Oriol20/1
Pranjic, Danijel20/1
Neuer, Manuel20/1
Lahm, Philip20/1
Contento, Diego20/1
Bertrand, Ryan25/1
Can, Emre25/1
Lampard, Frank25/1
Kroos, Toni25/1
Muller, Thomas25/1
Usami, Takashi25/1
Torres, Fernando25/1
Schweinsteiger, Sebastian25/1
Robben, Arjen25/1
Chalobah, Nathaniel33/1
Gomez, Mario33/1
Mata, Juan33/1
Sturridge, Daniel33/1
Petersen, Nils33/1
Olic, Ivica33/1
Malouda, Florent33/1
Kalou, Salomon33/1
Sending Off Hide
Sending Off
Official UEFA Man of Match Hide
Robben, Arjen6/1
Gomez, Mario7/1
Ribery, Franck7/1
Drogba, Didier8/1
Schweinsteiger, Sebastian9/1
Mata, Juan10/1
Torres, Fernando12/1
Lampard, Frank12/1
Sturridge, Daniel16/1
Cech, Petr16/1
Van Buyten, Daniel16/1
Muller, Thomas16/1
Kroos, Toni18/1
Can, Emre20/1
Kalou, Salomon20/1
Neuer, Manuel20/1
Olic, Ivica20/1
Lahm, Philip20/1
Essien, Michael25/1
Tymoschuk, Anatoliy25/1
Malouda, Florent25/1
Luiz, David25/1
Petersen, Nils25/1
Boateng, Jerome33/1
Cole, Ashley33/1
Usami, Takashi33/1
Koz, Cuneyt33/1
Pranjic, Danijel33/1
Mikel, Jon Obi33/1
Cahill, Gary33/1
Contento, Diego33/1
Chalobah, Nathaniel40/1
Bertrand, Ryan50/1
Romeu, Oriol50/1
Bosingwa, Jose50/1
Ferreira, Paulo66/1
Draw From Behind Hide
Draw From Behind
Bayern Munich5/1
Miss A Penalty Hide
Miss A Penalty
Bayern Munich18/1
First Goal Method Hide
First Goal Method
No Goal13/2
Free Kick14/1
Own Goal28/1
Which Team Will Kick of The Match Hide
Which Team Will Kick of The Match
Bayern MunichEVS
2nd Half Under/Over 0.5 Hide
2nd Half Under/Over 0.5
Under 0.53/1
Over 0.52/9
2nd Half Under/Over 1.5 Hide
2nd Half Under/Over 1.5
Under 1.58/13
Over 1.56/5
2nd Half Under/Over 2.5 Hide
2nd Half Under/Over 2.5
Under 2.51/7
Over 2.54/1
Score Last Goal Hide
Score Last Goal
Bayern Munich8/13
No Goal13/2
1st Half Odd Or Even Total Hide
1st Half Odd Or Even Total
2nd Odd Or Even Total Hide
2nd Odd Or Even Total
First Goalscorer-Scorecast Hide
Bayern Munich v Chelsea
First Goalscorer-Scorecast
Goal scorer:
Bayern Munich 1-0125/1
Bayern Munich 2-0200/1
Bayern Munich 2-1200/1
Bayern Munich 3-0300/1
Bayern Munich 3-1275/1
Bayern Munich 3-2550/1
Bayern Munich 4-0700/1
Bayern Munich 4-1600/1
Bayern Munich 4-2800/1
Bayern Munich 4-31200/1
Bayern Munich 5-01000/1
Bayern Munich 5-11000/1
Bayern Munich 5-21200/1
Bayern Munich 6-01200/1
Bayern Munich 6-11200/1
Draw 1-1225/1
Draw 2-2450/1
Draw 3-31400/1
Chelsea 2-1825/1
Chelsea 3-11400/1
Chelsea 3-21400/1
Chelsea 4-12250/1
Chelsea 4-22250/1
Chelsea 4-32250/1
Last Goalscorer-Scorecast Hide
Bayern Munich v Chelsea
Last Goalscorer-Scorecast
Goal scorer:
Bayern Munich 1-0125/1
Bayern Munich 2-0200/1
Bayern Munich 2-1200/1
Bayern Munich 3-0300/1
Bayern Munich 3-1275/1
Bayern Munich 3-2550/1
Bayern Munich 4-0700/1
Bayern Munich 4-1600/1
Bayern Munich 4-2800/1
Bayern Munich 4-31200/1
Bayern Munich 5-01000/1
Bayern Munich 5-11000/1
Bayern Munich 5-21200/1
Bayern Munich 6-01200/1
Bayern Munich 6-11200/1
Draw 1-1225/1
Draw 2-2450/1
Draw 3-31400/1
Chelsea 2-1825/1
Chelsea 3-11400/1
Chelsea 3-21400/1
Chelsea 4-12250/1
Chelsea 4-22250/1
Chelsea 4-32250/1
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Odds Top Goal Scorer

Get the latest odds for Top Goal Scorer for the Euro 2012 tournament. Bet on players like Rooney, Ronaldo, Gomez, Van Persie, David Villa. 

Who will be the top goal scorer in this tournament? Surprisingly Wayne Rooney isn't the favourite according to the bookies with 26 to 1 odds. Mario Gomez is the favourite at odds of 8 to 1 as the main striker for Germany that looks like it could be stronger after great showings in the last 2 major tournaments.

Best value bets are highlighted in bold based on a few factors. Some players have a knack for scoring goals in tournaments for their country and other teams also have a knack for going deep into a tournament giving players a chance to play more games and score more goals.

Goal ScorerOddsGoal ScorerOdds
Mario Gomez8Thomas Muller26
Robin Van Persie10Antonio Di Natale26
Cristiano Ronaldo11Guiseppe Rossi29
David Villa13Cesc Fabregas34
Miroslav Klose15Wesley Sneijder34
Roberto Soldado15Robert Lewandowski34
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar17Jeronimo Baretto Cacau34
Fernando Torres17Danny Welbeck41
Karim Benzema17Arjen Robben41
Fernando Llorente17Olivier Giroud41
Lukas Podolski21David Silva41
Mario Balotelli21Nikica Jelavic41
Wayne Rooney26Franck Ribery51
Giampaolo Pazzini26Mesut Ozil51
Rafael van der Vaart41Zlatan Ibrahimovic51
Thomas Muller26Andres Iniesta51

Saturday, 12 May 2012

England's chances at Euro 2012

England's chances at Euro 2012

Team England are always considered a strong team to content for any tournament to win a championship. However their track record also proves that betting on England to win the Euro 2012 is not a great idea either. England has a problem of consistently underachieving any tournament they play. Actually making the semifinal of the tournament would be considered an impressive result but the next world cup the fans would accept nothing less.

Problems going into this tournament are the fact that they just lost their coach Fabio Capello who had a strong winning record but he has to deal with problematic players like John Terry. The team possibly might have some internal problems with players not getting along. The captaincy has been a mystery for a long time and it's hard to imagine a team that has Terry on the team considering he's slept with the wife of a teammate and has been caught with a racial slur towards the brother of England teammate Rio Ferdinand.

The only way England are going to have a chance to win is that if people expect the worst of them and the pressure if off of the players. They won't be considered to be contenders like Germany, Italy, Spain or the Netherlands. These teams are considered legitimate contenders and England will have to beat at least one of these teams.

Best of luck team England, you'll need all of it. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Olympic Football in London

Olympic Football in London

As the clock at Trafalgar Square ticks down the minutes until the start of the London Olympic Games, fans are starting to feel the excitement. As final preparations take place, the Olympic site is starting to look hospitable – the grass is going down on the many verges around the stream that runs through the park as the finishing touches are made to the Olympic village – there is still one sport which has failed to capture the same amount of excitement. The football.

With the 2012 European Football Championships taking place earlier in the summer, a lot of fans will have had their full share of competitive football in an already busy schedule. Yet this only goes part of the way to explaining why there are still over a million tickets to be sold for this event while less glamorous sports are already sold out.

On first viewing, the Olympic football tournament gives British fans a great chance to take place in the games without the costly need to visit the capital. With matches scheduled for Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow, Coventry and Cardiff, fans from all over Britain are able to attend a match, yet many have chosen to stay at home. The tournament is devoid of many of the powerhouses of world football – there are no Germany, no France, no Argentina – while minor footballing nations such as Belarus, United Arab Emirates and Gabon are present. A possible explanation is the unwillingness of fans to purchase tickets in advance without knowing who they would get to see.

Another reason for the poor take-up, in the UK at least, is the feeling that football does not belong. Partly because Britain has not entered a team since 1960, the fans do not feel an affiliation to the competition in the same way that Brazilians or Argentinians do. But there is also snobbery from both sides. Non-football fans do not see professional football as a part of the Olympic tradition. The Olympics is heralded as the pinnacle of sport, while for football, the World Cup is the pinnacle. On the other hand, football fans see the event as a lesser quality than top international games at the World Cup or European Championships.

But with tickets back on sale, at least for a while, fans of Olympic football have the chance to go and see whichever stars turn up for the games. While there will be no Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, perhaps the next generation of player will come through. Should all tickets be snapped up, then the Organisers will surely feel satisfied with their work. And, come the 11th August, 18 young men and 18 young women will be going home with an Olympic Gold Medal for football.